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Attract a healthy love
that takes your breath away...

Instead of repeating old relationship patterns

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you hesitating to find love again... to avoid ending up in yet another draining relationship?

  • Do you tell everyone you're "fine alone"... and you actually are! But deep down you secretly crave the incredible partner that will accompany you in the beautiful life you’ve created for yourself?

  • Are you sick of booking solo travel (even though you love it!) and dream of the day your boo surprises you with tickets to the destination you both talked about a while back?

Healthy Love Xine La Fontaine woman dancing by the ocean

I understand you completely...

After separating from a 20+ year relationship with kids, ocean-view home on a sub-tropical island... getting back into the world of dating was daunting.

I know the fears that come up around wondering if you’re too old or "outdated", too doubtful from the last experience(s), or why even bother trying with the kinds of options available out there! 

Healthy Love Xine La Fontaine blowing out a candle
Hi I'm Xine...
let's go on a little healthy love igniting experience together
Healthy Love Yoga Class

I feel like we know each other already...

​My guess is you've already taken the most important steps: 

  • You've created a life you adore, and this is so key to attracting love in a healthy way. 

  • You enjoy your friendships tremendously and the support of your family, work or community keep you laughing and smiling.

  • You've built a career, business or work life you're proud of!

These are amazing things!
But they can also make you say to yourself:

"If I'm going to bother with love, it needs to make my life better... otherwise what's the point?"

Image by Kseniya Lapteva

I have a few words for you:

Everyone deserves to be fully seen and experienced in their beauty, love and wholeness by another person in their lifetime... many times over!

With me as your healthy love coach sidekick and accountability partner...

I’ll help you fast-forward beyond those sticky areas of fear, help you seriously upgrade your self-worth, making sure you’re not heading towards yet another ill-fitted relationship that will suck your soul and energy.


Your relationship should enhance your life, not take away from it.

I've got you <3

Healthy Love XIne La Fontaine jumping with excitement

Don't take it from me...

See what my previous students and clients have said!



A 30-Day Love Ignitor Experience

for women ready to attract a new Healthy Love adventure.

Healthy Love Gifted Promo

Imagine this...

30 Days of sensuality, dance, simple life pleasures and love-mindset practices… all wrapped up in a luxurious home-retreat vibe that soothes your soul… 

Delivered to your inbox in a beautiful PDF workbook and planner, with options to work with me personally as your coach. And it can all be easily-integrated into your busy lifestyle.


Up-level your love-magnetism 100-fold by increasing your sense of self-worth, bringing your focus back to what’s possible, achievable and in all honesty… inevitable for you now!!


Healthy Love couple at sunset image by Nathan Dumlao

Here's what you can expect...

  • Instead of wondering whether you're good enough, pretty enough, loveable enough... you emerge with a deep sense of self-worth from this 30-days of self-love, dreaming and healthy love scheming. 

  • Turning your dating life from underwhelming to ultra expansive. 

  • Getting crystal clear and intentional about what you want to experience in your relationship (love attraction 101!) and a renewed sense of self-trust & belief that you ARE indeed attracting this new love as we speak. It’s inevitable.

  • Becoming a magnet to the healthy opportunities around you... instead of only attracting your typical pattern.

  • If you choose the 1:1 coaching option: all of the above is emphasized even more, as you receive a fully personalized experience that supports you with greater depth, feedback, accountability and lots of fun!! (let’s crack that bottle of bubbly open for this shall we?)

  • Over time... this work will translate into finding your very own love-adventure soulmate that'll be the inspiration to all of your friends and family, as they gush over your new relationship.​

Love-Gifted PDF Download
Love (11).png
Love-Gifted PDF Workbook

Once you've reserved your workbook, you'll be sent a download link in your inbox so you can begin your love journey today! There are no refunds for this offer.

Want greater support from me?

For those of you wanting a more in-depth experience with 1:1 accountability, online support and love coaching practices that will fast-track your love life exponentially so you don't have to wait

another xyz years to find your healthy love boo... (limited spaces) 

Click on the image and let's get on a call!

Need help? Check our FAQ:
  • I'm a busy person and worry I won't have time to keep up with practices...
    The Love-Gifted experience is created in exactly this way... as a gift to yourself! You'll get to enjoy some YOU time with short written, movement or meditation practices (you choose!) either in the morning, or in the evenings before bed, or within dating ;) But nothing that takes up a whole lot of time. Pinkie promise.
  • I've never done coaching before... I feel nervous about what this may entail or how much I will open myself up to...
    This Love-Gifted workbook and coaching is intended to be a gift to yourself. They include easy-going practices you get to choose from and do at your pace and capacity. You are in charge of your experience!
  • I'm in a relationship but would love to transform it into something far greater, does this apply to me also?
    Yes!! Although it's intended for dating folks, you can absolutely shift a current relationship into something more intimate using this 30-day course. It will strengthen your self-worth and help you get clear on what exactly it is you want to experience, so you can then create and attract it!
  • I identify as a man, but I feel this course speaks to me. Does it make sense for me to do the course and/or coaching?
    YES! If you tend to be the giver in relationships, and the words I share in the web page really speak to you, then this course will be really helpful for you. The language is aimed at those who identify as women, so if you can ignore that, it's yours to enjoy as well. And I love coaching men, so no problem there.
  • I'm considering your 1:1 coaching options. Do you offer payment plans for those?
    Yes I do! I've got two options for you to work with me 1:1 as you move through this luscious PDF experience. Both have payment plan options over a two-month period. Let's get on a quick call or Email me at christine @ to discuss! These are very limited...
If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact me here and I'll get you all set up.
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