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What's your Healthy Love Archetype?

Whether seeking an earth-shaking adventurous love, or that peaceful kind of love that is slow-brewed and intended for longevity... each of us has both skills and challenges when it comes to finding, maintaining or attracting love.

And connecting with Healthy Love Archetypes, can be an inspiring way to own these parts of our identities, while keeping track of some of the stickier aspects that may be preventing us from creating the love life we desire. In this post, we'll be diving into four main Love Archetypes.

First off... if you haven't done the quiz yet, feel free to hop over here and see your results!

You'll get more out of this article, if you know which of the Archetypes you embody most:

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Feel free to jump to each of the individual Love Archetypes here:

This quiz was created out of my own personal experience, client and friend observations in mind, and was combined with a psychologist's view of how we fall into 8 general Love Archetype models. Which I distilled down into 4.

The goal isn't for this quiz to be followed to the letter... or to over-identify with any of these models. It's just a fun way to start noticing patterns in how we interact with, give and receive love, so that we may create greater harmony in our relationships. Self-awareness, compassion and acceptance of our (and our partner's) patterns, is a giant step towards creating a healthier love dynamic.

None of the following Archetypes is better or worse than the other. They simply give us inspiration on how we might use our gifts, while keeping an eye on our internal challenges, when it comes to love.

Natural Lover - Love Archetype - Xine La Fontaine Love Coach

The Natural Lover - Love Archetype

This Archetype is akin to the butterfly that follows beauty, from flower to flower.

With all the fun life has to offer, how can one decide?

Her gifts: 

The Natural Lover's curious mind wants to try it all and is the master of going with the flow in relationships.

She brings life to any party, and her admirers want to experience life through her eyes and senses!

She possesses a strong desire for freedom and potential is her muse.

She may be more prone to jumping from one relationship to another or find polyamory to be more suited style for her.

One thing is for certain, she learns through discovery and variety.

Her challenge:

Choosing one thing and moving through the challenges that come with relationships, may not be her strongest suit.

She may flirt with the idea of having a mate to grow with, but with such a wide array of interests, goals, things to explore... It may be challenging to put all her eggs in one person's basket, so to speak.

This Archetype's Power:

If the Natural Lover can find curiosity and enjoyment in the learning curve & adventure of a relationship's ebbs and flows, teaching moments, surprises... If she can discover or offer up creative ways to love, connect, enjoy pleasure...

She will make a fun side-kick indeed.

Her gift is in her ability to adapt, and her teaching will be to set small, reachable goals to help her achieve her desired healthy love life, without feeling bored or limited.

Love Goddess Love Archetype - Xine La Fontaine Love Coach

The Love Goddess - Love Archetype

The romantic Archetype of the bunch, this lover of love is the optimist, dreamer and often the giver in the relationship.

We can associate this Archetype with the Aphrodite, the Greek Goddess of beauty and love.

Her gifts: This Love Goddess goes all in when it comes to love. Her dreamers mind can help her feel like she's living in the clouds when she's found someone who grabs her attention.

With generous words, actions and intentions, this believer in soulmates and kissing under the Full Moon can be someone's true love story and adventure, in every sense of the word.

She lends towards loyalty and forever ideals.

We can benefit greatly from her open spirit, romanticism and the reminder of what love truly feels like at the essence.

Her aliveness and heart-openness is captivating to many who cross her path.

Her challenge: This Archetype's desire to make her partner happy, can soon become her biggest energy drain if she's not taking care of her own needs and desires first and foremost. And her anxious side when things get challenging, can create tension in relationships, if she's not fully aware of her patterns and triggers.

She attaches rather quickly, sometimes before really knowing the full character of the human she's connecting with. Sometimes leaving her with unexpected surprises or early heartbreaks.

Her captivating aliveness is a beauty to those who know her well, but it can also become an enticing light to those with less-than-honorable intentions: those who only want to experience this aliveness for a bit of temporary fun, but aren't really interested in the sustainable love she desires.

This Archetype's Power:

If this Love Goddess can practice the art of coming back to her own life, needs, desires over and over again, especially as things get challenging... as well as maintain her standards high, she will thrive in her love life. She will indeed build an incredible love adventure for herself and her partner(s) that last many years to come.

Warrioress of the Heart Love Archetype - Xine La Fontaine Love Coach

Warrioress of the Heart - Love Archetype

Lover of deep conversations and making the world a better place, this Love Archetype is the Warrioress who has lived through challenges and continues to choose love.

Her gifts: 

Her compassionate nature and ability to learn from hardships and emerge an even brighter soul is golden for sustaining long-term relationships.

Once she trusts her counterpart, this type is not afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to love. No stone left unturned, and no hearts left unhealed.

We can learn much from this inspiring love and equality advocate. She believes in this wild humanity of ours and can transform those in her sphere with her determination, courage and open spirit.

She knows that caring for herself, leads to a better ability to care for others.

And may just inspire you to think differently when it comes to matters of the world or heart.

Her challenge:

Trust takes time for the Warrioress of the Heart.

It may feel easier to only let people see the "strong" or "cool" side of her, when healthy connection requires her vulnerability.

She may have learned to expect chaotic, unreciprocated or even unavailable love, and therefore self-protects without creating enough time and space to understand the full scenario at hand.

Asking for help can prove difficult, which adds a layer of complexity to this as well.

This Archetype's Power:

This Archetype's work will lie in releasing the expectation that something will go as it always has, and trusting in new possibilities!

When she finds a love she trusts, this Archetype will do everything in her power to ensure this dynamic is nurtured for the long run.

A powerful and inspiring love indeed. One that she deserves wholeheartedly.

Self-Made Queen Love Archetype - Xine La Fontaine Love Coach

Self-Made Queen - Love Archetype

The focused and determined dreamer who gets shit done... But is ready to let love in.

Admired by her family, friends and followers for her innovative spirit, this Archetype is sometimes torn between her career and love life.

Her gifts:

The Self-Made Queen has spent a lot of time creating a beautiful life for herself and very likely, with the purpose of creating a better life for the world at large too.

Her focus often lies on her friends, family and work, and her community finds her invaluable.

She has learned to care for herself with fun moments, adventurous travel with girlfriends or alone, spa days that she highly deserves after working so hard all week...

Her challenge:

By placing so much energy into her work, projects, purpose... The Self-Made Queen has likely forgotten how to share parts of her heart, when it comes to love.

Past experiences may have left her feeling distrustful, discouraged and like relationships are "more work" than they are worth. Which keeps her stuck between wanting a partner and not really believing that one exists, that can handle her energetic, ambitious nature!

This Archetype's Power:

Her gift of determination will serve her well, and once she discovers the secret that letting others help her on her path, is luscious food for this Archetype's soul... her creative juices and energy levels will soar, bringing even more oomph to her life endeavours.

Her gradual opening into vulnerability, receiving, and allowing the beauty of love in, will be her greatest asset for creating that healthy love that inspires for generations to come.

Which Archetype do you identify with most?

Do you feel like you have a little bit of each of them? You're not alone...

And now that you have this information... what next?

If you've already taken the Healthy Love Archetype Quiz, and you've signed up for my weekly Love Letter, you're all set as you'll be receiving personalized Love Coaching tips for your Archetype in your inbox.

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Your biggest love cheerleader,

Xine XOX


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