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Experience THIS LEVEL of Inspiring Love

Because everyone deserves to be seen & experienced in their beauty, love and wholeness by another person in their lifetime (many times over!)

Hi I'm Xine La Fontaine
Certified Love Coach

Also known as the Spicy Love Coach... 
I've been in over 25 years of long-term relationships, divorced, dating. So I know where you're coming from. And I help ambitious women & feminine beings like you, find and keep healthy love: ​


  • By becoming master love creators in their lives. Whether it's attracting swoon-worthy opportunities or spicing up the intimacy in their existing partnership. 


  • By getting clear on what they want, making it a top priority and knowing they're worthy of this love, without compromising on their most important values and desires. 

  • By helping ease out of unfulfilling dating patterns and past relationship influences, and stepping into new & fun adventures they actually enjoy!

  • By being their biggest coach cheerleader when things get hard and their greatest support when they tell me they've met someone new... and they're planning their first couple's travel to South America.
    (this can be you too!)

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Image by Cody  Chan

Once you decide...
watch your love story come t


Start by uncovering your Love & Dating strengths with this fun Quiz!

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