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How Getting Sexy with Yourself will Boost your Love & Dating Stats

In this day & age of right swipes seasoned with dreams of never opening another dating app again... I want to propose an alternative route. One that begins with you!

If I were to suggest one thing as a love coach, when it comes to dating to attract your ideal relationship, it would be to live NOW, what you desire most to receive from a partner.

Switching the focus from an external chase... to an internal energy of attraction.

Let's explore how this might impact your love & dating experience:

In tantra, sexual energy is life force energy.

It's the movement that carries liberated vital expression of life, underneath the layers we've carried, built, established since childhood, from our upbringing, societal structures and surrounding influences.

When we dim that inner flame, our creativity dulls, our motivation softens and we see life with the glass half empty, because in some ways... it is! We can only see part of the beautiful potential that exists in that picture.

But we don't need to wait (or hunt) for someone else to provide this colorful view for us. To experience the joy, expansion, ecstatic existence we so desire in our ideal partnership!

In fact, what I'm proposing is: you living out this ideal life now... is what will shift your dating experience into attracting those that are a right fit for it. In essence, boosting your love & dating stats.

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As someone with spells of chronic illness, I can attest to the impact of our health, energy and life force on our way of seeing the world, level of inspiration and vitality. Especially when it comes to dating and love. Which is also why I make it a top priority to restore and maintain by whatever means I can.

But nowadays, you don't need chronic illness to find yourself too busy to care for what's taking place internally... this is so commonplace, it's one of the first things we address in love coaching.

We start slow and intentional, with sensual practices. An easy starting point that can be accessed by anyone. Dance, slowing down how we eat, feeling our body fully through various moments of the day. Simple, effective.

This is the equivalent of lighting a candle and learning how to keep that flame lit consistently, versus trying to light the neighbourhood fire-pit and expecting it to stay alive for days, months or years without needing to add any regular wood to it (pun intended).

It simply isn't realistic... or necessary!

Keeping a gentle simmer of this aliveness, sensual connection, increases our self-awareness of the body, emotions, and teaches us to be more congruent with what we need in the moment. Which has a tremendous impact on our health, vitality... and sexy attraction!

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So how does all of this impact your Love & Dating Stats?

Inhabiting your body, with its full aliveness and enjoyment is a huge point of attraction. We ALL want to feel more alive and someone who truly embodies this... turns heads.

You get to feel fulfilled, without needing someone else be that for you. You get clear on what your greatest desire feels like. Which allows you to be far more discerning in your dating experiences.

You're calling in those who are a match to the experience you desire.

As well as repelling those that are not. This is powerful stuff!

When you've built a life experience that you enjoy and are fulfilled by... you attract people of similar mindset.

Two whole people, meeting to build on each other's already-well-appreciated lives, inviting the best parts of each other and creating a third entity that surpasses what anyone would have accomplished on their own.

This is what I call healthy love.

And this is what I wish for you... and can't wait to help you celebrate!!

Your biggest love cheerleader,

Xine XOX

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I think you'll find it relevant, informative and empowering!

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