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5 Most Meaningful Gifts for Women this Holiday, that she would never dare ask for...

As you'll read in the coming paragraphs, this post is all about helping you go beyond typical gift giving habits this holiday.. and offer something your partner (or partner to be...) will remember for years to come.

I'm using the term "women" and "her" in this post, but this can relate to any feminine being regardless of gender or identity.

Grab a notebook and feel free to adapt to your liking:

1- Offer her an experience

So far there isn't anything particularly novel about this idea. But here's where I want to you to place your attention: Observe what she loves.

The idea here is to say loud and clear "I hear you and I've been paying attention" through your gift offering. I promise you this will go far beyond any other gift option.

What has she told about over the last 6-12 months?

What are her favorite things, moments, things that make her laugh?

Think of the happiest times you've seen her, what environment, situation, circumstance created that for her?

This can be as simple as an envelope with a ticket to a picnic lunch you're preparing in that spot where you met...

Or as extravagant as taking her to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower she's been talking about for 3 years.

All budgets work for this, it's up to you to get intimate with her details.

The secret is in the listening.

Xine La Fontaine Love Coach holiday ornaments and gifts

2- Offer her part 1 out of 5 of a gift that will evolve as the year progresses.

This options means: start with an idea and let it become an organic progression throughout the rest of the year.

So maybe you've been talking about moving in together, but are not quite there yet.

You can begin with a simple item she would enjoy in this new shared place. And every two months or so, you offer the next step in this evolution, based on where you are in your shared process. Leading up to a blanket you both use while sitting by the fire next Christmas, for example...

Or maybe she's been captivated by the idea of gardening this coming Spring, so you help her with the early, more informational stages of this project by getting her a book to help plan out her ideas.

And every two months, you offer her the next step, like the seeds to grow and perhaps eventually greenhouse materials.

This gift says "I'm here paying attention, and will be right here supporting you, not just today, but for many days to come".

Xine La Fontaine Love Coach stockings hanging by the fireplace

3- Offer the gift of a more empowered year ahead.

This one may take some observing, but I know you can do it.

Based on how things have evolved over the last year, or several years, or several months depending on how long you've known your partner for...

Where is your partner headed next?

Where has she been in her life, work, health, hobbies, community and where do you feel her next evolution is moving into?

If she's just opened a new business, maybe it isn't anything to write home about yet... but her next big momentum, will (hopefully) likely be that of a successful entrepreneur!

Offer her something NOW for that incoming version of herself. Something to remind her and let her know you're supporting her into this version as well.

When embarking into new ventures, one of the scary aspects that can arise, is wondering if the people we love, will no longer like this new version of us.

This kind of gift helps her know you're in all the way. Through her next iteration of being, and the one after that!

You're going to want to be sensitive with this gift option. For example, one of my personal goals for the coming year is to become the strongest version of me I've ever been.

And receiving exercise equipment without any note around the intention, could make me feel like I'm being told to lose weight. lol

I'm exaggerating of course, but you know what I mean. As long as you're clear, it works.

I love receiving exercise gear.

Xine La Fontaine Love Coach Xine doing yoga

4- Give her a gift of healing something edgy in your relationship.

This one can only be done if you're sincerely open to healing and creating a new path ahead on your part.

Think of an area of tension in your relationship lately. Something you know you've been needing to look at, accept or be more generous around, but have been holding back.

Give her the gift of "I'm making a genuine effort to understand and support you even if it makes me uncomfortable sometimes".

An example of this, would be if she has been talking about visiting a sex club, or doing something kinky with you, but you've felt resistant, hesitant, avoidant around the topic.

Offering her a gift that says you're willing to understand this side of her, can be incredibly healing for both of you. But again, this must come from a genuine desire, not just to temporarily make her happy for the holidays or this will backfire and not create the connection it's intended to create.

But if you do this, not only are you setting yourself up for amazing holidays, you're possibly setting yourself up for many years of relationship bliss to come.

Xine La Fontaine Love Coach woman in bra with mask

5- For a budget friendly option: Give her a list of all the ways you appreciate her.

Make it pretty. Get an envelope.

Use materials from nature, if that's what she likes.

Get creative based on her tastes.

And then let your heart speak.

Bring the kleenex box.

The gist of getting the most meaningful gift for women over the holidays

The important parts of getting the most meaningful gift for women approach, is to be clear on your intentions or reasons behind it.

As you've probably noticed... all of these require far more effort and presence than getting the latest perfume at the local shop.

This is the gift in and of itself.

This is what makes it meaningful.

Your effort, time, observation, speaks far louder than any material object, no matter how expensive...

And it creates trust and memories for years to come.

Now if you're reading this post and feel like that person who would love to receive... There's no shame in passing this post onto your partner. Thoughts like "they should know better" can be a way to avoid having a the difficult conversation of asking for what you want!

So let's start fresh...

And even better, share this with the partners of your friends so that they also experience this level of intention and meaning over the holidays. Perhaps they can share it back with your partner too! 💋

Happy love shopping!

Xine XOX

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