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8 Simple Practices to Ignite your Inner Sensual Woman or Feminine Being

Without a doubt, when this active entrepreneur and dancer feels like she's doing too much...

Coming back to these basic sensual practices allows a greater sense of connection to my body, realignment with a healthy state of being and as a result... a greater depth of connection to others too.

Sensuality is not just about being sexy, although it can be.

It's about allowing ourselves to feel everything that we sense: emotions, physical sensations,

5 senses, energy (low, high, flow) and even our intuitive sense!

So here are 8 simple practices you can do to reignite that Sensual Woman or feminine being inside:

1- Taking a bath:

This one seems obvious so let's start there. Taking a bath is taking time out for yourself. It might require asking someone to care for the kids for a moment or creating space between client calls. A bath with epsom salts is my big time winter medicine. Feel free to get creative with flower petals, sensual oils if you're feeling fancy.

2- Five senses eating ritual:

When you sit down for your meal, try slowing the process down from automatic pilot mode and feel through the fullness of the experience, bite by bite.

What do you taste, see in front of you, smell, feel in your mouth and even hear?

Engaging with what you sense, keeps you connected to your body, and out of your head.

This is key to igniting your inner Sensual Woman.

3- Slow down your skin care ritual

As you may start to notice... sensuality is alllll about slowing down your everything.

When we rush or are in automatic mode, we're disconnected.

So take your time, enjoy what it feels like to love up on yourself, feel the magnificence of your own body and care for it like you would want to be cared for by a lover. Read this blog post for more ideas on this here...

4- Surround yourself with textures you enjoy

This is such a game changer. And something under-utilized!

Choose textures in your home, that you love to feel. A soft blanket you enjoy while reading on the sofa in the winter. A fake-fur carpet for your feet, by the side of your bed (I have one and it's lovely). Something luscious near your computer, so you can frequently come back to sensations, while working in hyper-brain mode.

Sensuality increases our connection to self... but also other (including our clients!)

XIne La Fontaine woman eating a strawberry BW

5- Wear the good underwear, the good lipstick, just because

If you're like most people, you've got elements for "special occasions" and some for everyday use...

But I say, ditch that concept and decide that YOU are the special occasion.

Wear the sexy underwear, just to feel great throughout the day.

Wear the reddest lipstick to feel confident as a sensual woman, while at the grocery store.

Use the good dishes, to enjoy your 5 senses food experience (number 2 above!) that much more!

6- Spend time with your body daily

Some of us like to binge watch shows on Netflix in the evening (I'm on the last season of True Blood as I'm writing this...) but I'm going to invite us all... instead... to take a moment before bed, and simply BE with your body.

Hold yourself, touch your skin, get sexy if you want to...

And in the morning before getting up as well, take a few minutes to place a hand over your heart and belly. Massage your scalp, do a simple breast massage practice (this tutorial is one of my highest viewed YouTube videos).

Woman with hand over her chest

7- Let boredom become your friend

One of the reasons why sensuality isn't already prevalent in most people's lives, is because it asks us to be present with sensation in our body. This includes both good sensations and uncomfortable ones.

When coaching clients, I've noticed that those in a perpetual rush, often tend to be running away or avoiding some of these uncomfortable sensations... these could be repressed emotions, life experiences needing attention, it can be feelings of loneliness, or many other things.

This often manifests in the form of boredom, restlessness. Those icky sensations have a lot of information in them!

So my invitation to you here, is to allow yourself to sit with the uncomfortable as well as the pleasurable. Sit with your boredom or restlessness for 5 minutes longer than you would at first. Then extend it to longer, over time. Allow the fullness of your experience to be an OK and equally accepted part of you.

This is a big tip towards increasing your sensuality, as this is manifested by the will to feel all of it, as it arises.

8- Dance sensually!!!

Of course we're going to go there. Dance is your uber mega partner in sensuality crime.

And one of the tools I offer my clients most.

A morning dance practice with one song embodying your sensual goddess, is enough to keep you connected most of the day. And on repeat daily, is a total game changer.

One of the ways I coach women to create and attract their greatest love adventure yet is by starting with themselves. Learning how to allow those basic sensual pleasures within your own life, is an invitation for right partners to provide you with even more of them. As a sensual woman, we teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves.

Next step... 

Now that you're ready for new love adventures in the coming year...

Enjoy this free Checklist to Healthy Love that will help you address some of the internal pieces required to ATTRACT the love life you desire. This is great for those just getting back into dating, or those seeking to embellish a current relationship. Access your free Checklist Below:


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