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10 Ways Dance Increases your Love Attraction

The attraction of dating is that you don't take yes for granted. You're fully engaged, there's seductiveness, tension". - Esther Perel

I want to preempt this post with a note around the concept of "love attraction".

When I speak about love attraction, I'm not tallking about some mysterious energy that only falls upon certain "lucky" souls...

I'm talking about moving out of a place of chasing, convincing, persudaing (ie working unnecessarily hard) in dating and relationships... to a space of calling in, magnetizing, attracting "right partners" or relationship circumstances.

Here are some of the ways dance increases your love attraction level:

1- Body awareness and love:

You become more aware of what's going on your body. Increasing your ability to turn up that expression or turn it down when you want to. Moving out of a space of overthinking, to experiencing and feeling, which is a huge attraction point for anyone gazing your way.

You appreciate your body more and more as you discover and increase its agilty, flexibility, range of motion. This self-love is highly magnetic.

2- Greater connection to yourself, means greater connection to a partner:

Learning how to connect to the sensations in your body as they arise, is like an invitation for your dance partner (or other partner) to do the same. It's like a sensual light beam of "it's safe here" from your nervous system to theirs. A calm invitation to meet you there.

Xine La Fontaine Love Coach Dance dip

3- Enjoying your life to the fullest is one of the greatest attraction points:

Not only is chasing an unclear potential partner energy-draining... it comes from a space of need as opposed to want and can quickly become a repellant to what you're wanting to create in your love life.

Creating a life that you love... and this is where dance comes in... and enjoying it everyday beams out your love, joy, fulfillment and attracts people who are on that same wavelength! This is where you'll start to see "right partners" pirouetting into your dance sphere.

4- Dance increases your youthful nature and vitality!

It keeps you fit, moving your body, doing regular cardio in the most fun way possible. A great way to keep your inner light, spark and heart vibrant and alive!

Xine La Fontaine Love Coach Dance couple

5- A social scene with LOTS of opportunities: This is a big one. Any partnered dance will come with its own social scene and a community of people that are there to enjoy dance and life as well! This means less alcohol, while still having lots of fun. And you can feel a person's energy before you even know who they are, which is the polar opposite of hoping to land on good chemistry by viewing dating app photos.

6- You get to experience leading or following (or both!):

Full disclosure... I was a terrible follower when I started dancing salsa and bachata. As a woman who tends to like being in control of her life, it was very challenging for me to relinquish that control to random partners on the dance floor.

But dance helps you surrender! And surrender is seductive. It's like an invitation.

Being overly controlling however, can feel more difficult to connect with.

And dance can help you practice this with many different personalities and styles.

The same thing goes for leaders and practicing what I call flexible leadership, where you lead by listening intentionally to what your dance (or other) partner requires in the moment. A very attractive quality indeed.

7- Happy hormones flowing through your body:

Dance has been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol levels, caused by chronic stress. It releases dopamine, serotonin, endorphin and oxytocin. It's like a cocktail of happy hormones! And as we've already seen, enjoying your life and being in your overall fulfillment... attracts those that are also in that space.

8- Lots of options, means less "panic attachment":

When you're a part of the dance scene, there's a never ending flow of new dancers coming in and out. Especially for those of you who travel to other cities. It helps you feel like you're a part of a community, even internationally!

This helps shift the need to hold onto someone who may not be treating you very well, because there isn't anyone else available.

Your ability to say NO thank you, is not only healthy, it's attractive AF.

9- Dance communities are often very international:

If you dance salsa, you'll be connecting with people from all over the world. This dance scene truly is an international community. And how amazing this is for women travellers like you who want to attract other international-savvy people or meet folks who love to travel just as much as you do.

10- You inhabit your body fully and with confidence, which translates in your everyday world: As your dance-confidence grows so does the way you inhabit your body. How you walk, how you hold yourself. This confidence is magnetic to confident people!

As body-love and confidence grows, so does your overall Love-Confidence in dating and relationships.

Your love attraction summary...

For the 10 reasons above... Dance is one of the most incredible activities you can do to uplevel your love attraction. Helping you move out of an exhausting mode of chasing or convincing potential partners, to calling them in effortlessly.

Next step... 

Now that you're ready for new love adventures in the coming year...

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