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5 Unique Date Night Ideas for Adventurous Couples

For my playful folks.

My experimental expat or travel couples who love to engage in new discoveries.

For anyone who wants to create a deeply memorable experience, beyond just watching a sunset or going out for drinks and then heading home to "move furniture"...

Here are 5 Uniques Date Night Ideas for you to frolic with, revel in, and rejoice to, with all your anticipated senses awakened and heart. Please note that the following suggestions aren't necessarily aimed at first dates, as they require a certain amount of trust to have already been established.

My suggestion: Mark your calendar with each of the following date night adventures and get ready for a serious connection upgrade.

Take a Cooking and/or Dance Class

OK so this may not be the most adventurous option on the list, but I want to start niiiice and slow, so that we can get you all revved up by the end of this list. Deal?

If you're a genius in the kitchen or already a social dancer, this won't feel like much of an adventure. But if at least one of you is not, participating in a cooking, dancing (or painting!) class can become a hilarious, challenge-filled, connection-building moment. Bring your camera.

Unique date night ideas with a couple cooking. Image by @

Take Turns Leading a Mystery Date

This one has to be my favorite.

It requires the most intentional planning for this surprise adventure to be genuinely executed. But perfection isn't needed either... part of the fun is in the exploring.

  1. Choose which partner leads the date first

  2. This partner chooses the date, timing and location, and only reveals certain details to the other, on a need-to-know basis.

  3. Next time, the other partner is in charge of the mystery date

This mystery date can be a GREAT opportunity for each partner to demonstrate their active listening skills.

Did your partner mention a magical moment they once had that you can help recreate?

Do they adore a certain type of food?

Have they told you they've always wanted to try something?

Putting intentional effort into this date, scores big on the appreciation scale.

But here's the trick: Don't divulge too much, while making sure your partner feels safe enough to follow your lead. This can feel like a narrow window to navigate, but with some planning and consideration, you can ace serious connection points with this one.

Ask yourself: How does your partner need to feel in control? What freaks them out more than other things?


If they have a regimented sleep schedule, can you arrange things so they know they'll be back in their comfort sleep time as usual?

Do they need to know certain things have been taken care of? Like food allergies or intolerances?

Or are they afraid of heights and might want to be sure you're not taking them somewhere crazy like skydiving?

Or do they have body concerns these days and may not be so keen to strut the local nudist beach right now?

A little thought can go a long way to creating a really pleasurable, fun adventure.

I've given you some ideas above, what else can you think of?

Once you know where you want to take them, and you've become clear on what information is needed to give them so they feel good and excited for it, without giving it all away... You're good to go!

Plan your entrance... and take lots of vids.

Unique date night ideas: couple dancing by the shore

Shibari Night

I feel like I need to highlight... draw little stars on... sprinkle glitter all over this one.

A few of my readers will LOVE this option (I see youuuu!).

For anyone who doesn't know what shibari is, there are loads of resources on the internet to get you acquainted. You can also take a peek at the included photo of me, to understand what a final result might look like.

Shibari, which is a form of bondage, can be experienced as your first gentle dive into BDSM.

If you so choose as your mystery date... (read the below caveats before jumping into this one).

It can be quite an experience for both the partner who will be doing the tying up, as well as the partner who will receive the rope bondage (adorably coined as being a rope bunny).

But there are caveats to this adventurous date night idea. It's a good idea to know what you're doing, as well as create a highly consensual space and conversation. Which will make this option a little more tricky for some of you who are trying to keep it a surprise.

Ideally, you'll be choosing this option if you've already discussed trying this out. Not for anyone claustrophobic...

Use this mystery date to enjoy an introductory training!

You can find a local shibari association in your area for group or private teaching.

I once held a shibari workshop for 6 people at my flat here in Valencia, Spain with a lovely teacher!

You can optionally find a dungeon in your area that hosts shibari evenings!

And finally, you can watch one of the many YouTube videos to DIY test this out at home.

But with this last option, I recommend taking the time beforehand, to clearly understand the precautions required to fully enjoy this art-form and practice. And only do very basic ties.

Here's a thorough Rope Bondage safety video on YouTube that can help you navigate the risks and feel confident in your introductory exploration.

Woman in shibari unique date night ideas

Dine in the Dark... as one of the most unique dinner date night ideas

This one I have yet to test out! But the adverts in Instagram certainly piqued my curiosity last year.

This dinner date night out will awaken your senses and leave you with a very different kind of memory.

This dining experience here in Valencia explains: "Psychologists have advocated for many years that dining in the dark is the best experience for enjoying the true taste of food. Studies show that 80 percent of people eat with their eyes, so with that sense removed, the other senses (taste and smell) take over to elevate the experience to a whole new level."

I'm very curious how this would enhance the sensorial experience... but also how many glasses I would spill throughout the evening!

Are you game?

Candlelit glass of wine unique date night ideas

Try Out a Tantra Session

If you can get beyond the Sting jokes cliche... Tantra is a very powerful practice to increase intimacy and improve your sex life big time.

So not only can this become a fun and evolving adventure, it can do a fabulous number on your relationship too!

You can approach this date experience from different angles, depending on what you feel your partner would appreciate most (see how I threw in some intentional listening there?)

Tantra sessions can be experienced in a group setting with a teacher.

You can also try a tantric massage for couples, which I highly recommend, but you want to be sure you're engaging with an authentic tantric practitioner and not just a cheap massage place with happy endings...

And the range of experiences can go from more philosophical, intimacy or breathwork-based... all the way to learning yoni and lingam (genital) massage! So you can feel into the level of experience you're ready for and what would land well with your partner.

I host tantra sessions for couples in Valencia on occasion, but I mostly offer sessions online, so be sure to contact me if you're wanting this kind of experience. I tend to work with couples who have never (or rarely) tried tantra before... and are interested in how this intimacy practice can create greater depth of connection in their love life.

We keep things PC on the call and you receive playful homework to enjoy afterwards, in the comfort of your own home.

You can reach out here for more information on booking a session with me, for one of your date nights.

Now that your mind is stirring with anticipation and creating your next big date night...

I leave you with a simple process to help you choose your best option:

  1. Ask yourself... what's the main purpose of this date night?

  2. What do you and your partner want to get out of it?

  3. What would be the most easy-going, fun way to approach this so that everyone enjoys themselves and gets just as excited about doing one of these again!!

I want to hear all about your date night choices, so please comment below with which option you chose or how this article may have inspired something else!

Xine XOX

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