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5 Sensual Morning Rituals for Love

What if your wake-up routine could become your greatest fuel for love? What if an easy morning practice could set you up to have an exquisite day, while helping you thrive in your love life?

Mmmmmmhhmmmmm. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading...

Because in this blog post, I'll show you 5 simple morning rituals for love, that help you go from morning coffee-scroller to sensually-embodied love-magnetizer!

Ritual ONE: The Self-Love through Sensuality Ritual

Firstly, let's explore the word SENSUALITY.

Sensuality for me is anything that has you engaging with your senses: physical sensations, 5 senses, emotional senses, energetic sense as well as your intuitive sense!

This morning ritual requires nothing more than your presence and intention. As soon as you awaken, instead of reaching for your phone, reach for your body instead.

Take around 5-10 minutes to self-massage, awaken your body bit by bit through sensual touch and pressure. Maybe your scalp, face and lips, neck, wherever else that needs love most in that moment.

Opening to your senses in this way, can help you stay present, centred and grounded no matter what takes place throughout the day.

How does this help you in love?

Firstly, anything "self-love" is like pressing the fast-forward button around attracting the love you desire.

In this ritual: Putting yourself first is key.

Enjoying your own pleasures, before any other daily requirement or fulfilling other people's needs.

And allowing yourself to receive this lusciousness as a start to your day (much in the same way a lover might enjoy you), sets you up to thrive in whatever endeavour you've got planned.

Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Rituals for Love with Love Coach Xine La Fontaine. Woman sitting on bed with flower.

Ritual TWO: The 5-minute Healing Hands Ritual

This ritual is great if you're feeling overwhelmed, tired or run-down. Simply allow five minutes upon waking, to place your hands over every part of your body with loving care.

  • Start by rubbing your hands together, to create heat.

  • Then place your hands over each part of your body, from head to toes, sending love to every part of you.

  • Imagine your hands are in the service of your healing, and allow every part of you to receive this love.

  • Concentrate on areas that feel particularly numb or not filled with vitality... yet!

This ritual for love allows you to care for yourself, in the way you would want to be cared for by another.

Opening that channel to receiving the kinds of experiences you desire most.

Rituals for Love with Love Coach Xine La Fontaine. Essential oil in hand.

Ritual THREE: The Adorned and Ready Ritual for Love

This ritual is a lot of fun and doesn't require much more time, than it would usually take, to get ready in the morning.

The idea: take your time when getting dressed.

Enjoy yourself fully.

Apply your skin lotion lusciously.

Try wearing that silky dress today, just because.

Put on your earrings with sexy intention.

Wear the good underwear, just for you!

Put on red lipstick, even if its just to take the dog out for a walk.

And let yourself enjoy the feeling of being in your own sensual experience!

Feel free to go big or go home with this one.

Enjoy what it brings to your day!

You're welcome.

Rituals for Love with Love Coach Xine La Fontaine. Woman putting on lipstick in mirror wth towel.

Ritual FOUR: The Love Creator Ritual writing prompts:

I use this ritual often and love it. The idea here is to start creating your desired love life, by writing allllll about it, as soon as you wake up (or alternatively before going to sleep at night).

So give yourself around 10 minutes to journal.

Answer one the following prompts daily:

  • Write about a (normal or sexy) scene in your future love life. Who is there? What are you doing? Where are you?

  • Write about a vacation moment with your love. Where are you and how did this all come together?

  • Write about how you and your love have just resolved a challenge. How did they act, what did they say that you appreciated? And maybe how you did as well.

  • Write about a conversation with girlfriends, and how much they are celebrating your new relationship. What are they saying? What are you sharing with them?

  • Write about the moment you and your love decided you are going to take this to the next level and become partners. What did they say to you? Or you to them and how do you feel?

  • Improvise with whatever is coming to mind today!

Writing is like taking what's in our heart and mind and making it a reality. You're teaching your body and nervous system how you want to FEEL in your new relationship. What you want to experience, with precision.

This is POWERFUL for discovering and deciding what you want, attracting those who can meet you there and recognizing those who cannot, far more quickly.

And you get to feel an added boost of uplifted energy as you get ready for your day.


Rituals for Love with  Love Coach Xine La Fontaine. Woman in blue journalling.

FIVE: The Move to Love Ritual

Of course we will talk about dance as a morning love ritual. That's my jam!

This one is ideal for those of you who really want to get things moving in your love life after a period of stagnation or stillness.

  • Firstly, choose one of the scenes you wrote about in the last example and decide what kind of feeling this scene represents for you. Excitement? Passion? Elevated? Confidence? Open?

  • Then choose a song that demonstrates this feeling for you.

  • Dance as the woman who has already received this experience. Imagine yourself in her shoes. Feeling those feelings NOW (not only when you've received your love).

  • Feel this full body. And take this with you in your day, for as long, or as often as you can remember.

This last love ritual is one I use with clients often. Embodying the love life you desire in the moment, as opposed to waiting for someone else to supply this experience for you, does all kinds of amazing things for your heart and body.

It helps you give to yourself what you want to receive most from others, creating greater self-care, trust and confidence.

It helps you enjoy your life NOW. As you are.

AND it helps you become magnetic to the situations and people that are of this mutual energy!!

It's a really powerful one to adopt into a daily habit.


Save this post for later!

The above rituals are a great way for you to bring your focus back to yourself, not only as a way to improve your day, but with the beautiful impact of improving your self-worth and love life as well! Read more blog posts like this here.

If you want more love-enhancing examples like what you've just read about, I've got the perfect Guided 30-Day PDF program available for immediate download!!

Explore this affordable Love-Gifted opportunity to attract healthy love here:

Reach out with any questions!

Your greatest love cheerleader,

Xine XOX

Rituals for Love with Love Coach Xine La Fontaine. Love-Gifted promo.


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